Black Bear


We offer three options for our black bear hunts:

Trophy West offers rifle, black powder and bow hunting for BC black bear. You also have a choice of either land based lodge hunting trips or boat based black bear hunting trips.

Vancouver Island is home to an abundant population of trophy black bears. If you were to look up "black bear habitat" in the dictionary there would be a picture of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This area is geographically diverse and ranges from lush river estuaries and coastal beaches at sea level, into river valleys covered in temperate rain forests to high mountain alpine abundant with flourishing berry patches. Perfect terrain for both rifle and bow hunting for trophy BC black bear!

British Columbia boasts the highest populations of black bear in North America with Vancouver Island having the highest density of black bears in British Columbia, Canada. Game records show the Vancouver Island region to have produced more successful black bear hunts than any other area in British Columbia. It is as good an area to spot and stalk big black bears as there exists today.

Responsible game management has always been our top priority at Trophy West. We have maintained a harvest level each season which ensures that the size and quality of our black bears remains consistent. It is because of this limited harvest that nearly 100% of our black bears qualify for the SCI record book each year. You can expect to harvest a BC black bear in the 6' to 7'+ range. We have no color phases other than jet black, although some bears will sport a white blaze on their chest. Hide quality is exceptional throughout the spring season.

Our black bear season begins April 15 through June 15.